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Childfree Weddings - The New Norm

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

What’s a wedding without make-up? Traditional weddings where the bride has beautiful make-up in a white dress are exceptionally formal dressed up affairs. Some can be relaxed but still require solemnity. The bride is brilliant and beautiful in her gown with perfect make-up, the groom dashing and stylish. Then a piercing scream from behind. Oh, wait, no, that was my imagination. The bridal couple did request for a childfree wedding.

Childfree weddings are becoming the norm for couples wanting to get hitched. Personally, I think it’s great when couples can have a special day just for themselves. Young kids can be unpredictable and sometimes annoying. They get bored easily and seldom will they sit still for an hour-long ceremony. They can easily be distracting not just the bride and groom but the wedding party.

A couple may request the guests to not bring children to their wedding. And when you are one of those guests, just abide by their request if you do not want to miss it entirely.

Why a childfree wedding

Some weddings are held very early in the morning. Bringing a child to this wedding and/or reception will mean mayhem. Even some adults balk at the thought of getting up early. There are also weddings done at night followed by a very adult themed reception.

The couple’s budget is not sufficient. Not expecting children means no balloons, less food intended for tiny guests. There will also be no need to have entertainment suited for these children so that they will not be a cause for distraction.

Some wedding venues do not accept children as guests, wedding or no wedding. Some couples purposely book childfree venues to add as a reason to ask guests not to bring children. If a couple chooses to have a party without children, they should make sure that everyone is informed and on the same page before they start planning. They should be prepared to exhaustively explain to their guests and do not back down if the guests should insist.

When you are asked not to bring children to a wedding, be a good guest and just don’t.



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